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Categories of Development
Our Programme
Enrolment Campaigns  I  Tuition Programme   I Teachers Training  I  School Kit Distribution   I  Parents Teachers Meeting  I  Rehab Talent Search Exam   I  Master in Social Work (MSW)       Master of Communication & Journalism (MCJ)
Our Programme
Rehab India Foundation, a Delhi-based non-profit organisation, invariably aims at uplifting the poor, empowering women and educating underprivileged. The main objectives of Rehab are increasing the livelihood of the poor and empowering the disadvantaged s
Our Programme
Micro-financing  I  Padosi (Self-Help) Groups  Tailoring Training Programme  I  Animal Rearing Programme   I  Farmer support Schemes   I  Partnership farming  I  Individual employment suppor
Our Programme
Celebrating National Holidays  Commemorating Historic & other patriotic events
Our Major Activities
Our Activities
A 5 year plan for of empowerment and all-round development of the people from a chosen village.
Our Activities
Development of numerous neighbouring villages (not less than 5 villages) in a similar pattern to that of a Rehab VDP
Our Activities
Ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water to where this type of water is now scarce.
Our Activities
Distributing yearly Qurbani meat on Eid UI Adha and Iftar kit during Ramadan, to the poorest of the poor.
Our Activities
In area of conflict/disaster, Rehab works towards empowering communities and protecting the lives and dignity of the victims, eventually rehabilitating them.
Our Activities
Bridging the gap between the Government and the deprived, by building a centre where information/help is readily accessible even in the remote villages.
Around 70% of the people in India live on an average daily income of Rupees Twenty.
Our strategic 5-year Village Development Programme (VDP) focus on :
Developing Education
Comprehensive education, zero drop-out and 100% education of marginalized sector is achieved in focused areas
Strengthening Livelihood
The economic condition of the impoverished people will be strengthened and enabled them to manage their own affairs.
Promoting Health & Hygiene
Marginalized population, especially women and girls, will be given better health care and ensured the long-term positive wellbeing of the section.
Protecting the Environment
Encouraged the climate change adaptation from communities and provided initiatives to safeguard the environment from further deterioration.
Boosting Gender Equality
Created a positive attitude towards the empowerment of women and girls to promote gender equality.