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Economic Development

Economic Development:

Economic development can mean a lot of different things. It can just refer to any growth in the value of an economy as a whole. But more generally, economic development is the continued, active efforts of the public and private sectors of a country that promote the standard of living and economic health of the country. The economic health of a country relates to the economic growth of the country (the dollar value growth I already mentioned) and the general freedom and competitiveness of the market in the country. Generally, as a country becomes more economically developed, the well-being of its citizens improves in a lot of ways: their health, education, security, freedom, and self-sufficiency.

Rehab India Foundation has developed its Programes and initiatives to uplift and improve the lifestyle of the backward and impoverished people. Economic Development is among our core areas of intervention. In order to remove poverty, Rehab India Foundation has started its initial preparations for the outset of Economic Development Programme which was well organized and planned in order to uplift the economic standing of the people. Rehab is working with income generation projects to improve the economic status of the poor by working for Artisan Issues, Livelihood Issues, Interest Free Credit, Micro Credit, Self Help Groups and Skill training programs. We reach out to the most impoverished and destitute people and develop a solid platform for their development.

Programmes under Economic Development:

  • SELF-HELP GROUP: A self-help group (SHG) is a village-based financial intermediary committee. SHGs have been formed in the VDPs in order to focus on the concerns related to women’s empowerment such as capacity and confidence building of the members. REHAB ensures that the communities improve leadership quality among them and change them from Laenewala (receiver) to Daenaewala (giver). Meetings and assessments are conducted periodically.


  • PARTNERSHIP FARMING: Rehab India Foundation has implemented a new livelihood Programme called Partnership farming. This Programme will provide the poor farmers with interest- free loans. Rehab provides 75% of the invest share and 25% share is invested by the owner (farmer).


  • MICRO-FINANCE: Rehab India Foundation provides microfinance to the rural women for the purpose of making them enterprising women. These loans are used by the poor to set up their own businesses, grow their assets, and get out of poverty once and for all.


  • SMALL BUSINESS & FAMILY UPLIFTMENT: Rehab organizes training programmes for SHG women based on their need and requirements. Basic literacy programmes are also conducted to ensure that all the members of the SHG have the basic knowledge to write/sign their name.


  • QURBANI & MILCH ANIMAL FARMING: Rehab under this Programme provides interest free loan to the community people, with the help of this amount they purchase Qurbani animal. Later these animals are re purchased by Rehab team for Qurbani. The programme reaches out to hundreds of farmers who are poor and can’t afford livestock and bring food on the table of poor families.


  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING: Rehab organized Guidance Programes exclusively meant to educate women on practical aspect of life instead of information feeding, so that they can go for lifestyle modifications. Through the programme, women are educated on various topics such as acquiring formal education, starting small businesses with the help of Self Help Groups (SHGs), maintaining families and bringing up their children in a disciplined manner etc.




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